Thursday, 30 January 2014

Seychelles’ Ultimate Island Paradise: Praslin Island

The Seychelles are known to be the most beautiful islands in the World by discerning travelers who know the best when they see it. In the Seychelles group, the best of these islands for an unforgettable holiday, is undoubtedly Praslin Island. Wow! This island is gorgeous at her best, and beautiful even in her worse moments.

Experienced holiday makers spend most of their days on Praslin, hubbing to different islands and it is now trending that the main Island, Mahe, is a transit base from international flight inbound and outbound and for business. For holiday, rest, chilling, biking, casual hiking, kayaking coasts , fishing, diving and ballads in a tropical forest, it is Praslin.

The glory of Praslin is a cart full of “Best this and Best that”.
The Best Beach in The World- Anse Lazio.
The Second Best Beach in The World- Anse Georgette
The Best Five Star Hotel in The Indian Ocean- Raffles-Praslin
Best Leading Hotels of the World- Lemuria
Best Small Hotel named by the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce, is on Praslin: “Le Duc”.

Best Golf Course in Seychelles- Praslin Lemuria, with all its 18 holes. Mahe until today, has managed only 9 holes.
Best Airport- Praslin no doubt, from ease at check in to boarding your flight.
Best Taxi Service- Praslin no doubt. Our taxi drivers are famous for their honesty.
Best island hopping base in Seychelles- Praslin
Best School in Seychelles for Primary and Secondary School- Praslin
Best League Football team in Seychelles: Cote D’or Sa!
Best Value For Money Eco Resort, Iles Des Palmes.

Unemployment- 0%.
Mahe – 4%
La Digue- 3%
Diving – The Best
Snorkeling- you will tire from the numerous sites.
Game Fishing- 15 minutes off Praslin.

Fly Fishing- avoid spending huge money for packages to Desroches Island, the flats around Praslin offer excellent fly fishing that has been untouched until today.
Seychelles only Pearl Farm hatchery and Jewelry Shop is based on Praslin, the Pearl Farm.
Seychelles has Two (2) UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One is Aldabra and the other the Vallai De Mai, home of the Coco De Mer, the largest and most rare seed in the World.

The writing is on the wall. If you have a 14 day 10  in the Seychelles, book listen to experienced travelers and those who really know Seychelles inside out. Book 10 nights in Praslin, 2 nights in La Digue, and 2 nights in Mahe. You will not regret it.
Happy Island Hopping In the Seychelles! 


  1. The most cheapest is not always the best, you get what you pay for!

  2. I am coming back in July to finish my book, I probably will stay through out to December to meet with some of my co star, and publisher. Is their a possibility of a discount?

    1. Bookings can be made directly to reservations desk:

  3. How many Seychellois hotel do we have on Praslin? and what are their names?

  4. Most samll and medium hotels are Seychellois owed hotels and many guesthouses too.As from prices ,i think as a unique destination as Seychelles we should not reduce prices for instance during high seasons when most hotels are fully booked(donot change whats work)and also not to attract mass toursim which would destory the natural beauty,of the island and be consdiered as a unicat.

    What could be doen though by ogovernemnt is to develop OFFSEAON tourism then prices would surely be much more intersting and affordable to many other potential visitors and at the same time make tourist season longer ofr businesses in the tourism industry.One could offer package(flight and hotel BB or HB only not all inclusive)Attract groups such as elderly persons,youth groups,families, etc..etc...COmbining the different two,three star hotels with guesthouses ,we could really offer a pacakge of various prices depending the type of catering a client wants in accordance iwth his/her budgets.That is in a pacakage where a client opts for flight combine with a guesthouse the price would definitively be lower than going into a two/three star hotel etc...

    As the blogger put it above"You get,can get what you pay for,according to your budget etc.....

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. Praslin is wonderful.but we must recognize that though the second Biggest island of our territories we really donot offer enough to visitors when it comes to Night life,day or night attractions which resutled in million of dollars lost annually.

    When Michel was buidling Reclaimed Island EVE ISALND i thought that PP has a paln for this Reclaimed island,i thought Pp qould use part of the island to develop night attractions such as Bars/Hard rock cafe,pubs,game salon,a discotheque,other night attivities in order to provide visiotrs a place where they could go at night and enjoy night life.Michel brainless just poured tax payers money into thereclaimed isalnd without deifned strategy.Now Pp today build this tommrrow that.This would had made the place unique,creTE PROBABLY HUNDREDS OF JOBS(NIGHT jobs for Praslinois and Diguois and generate extra revenues.

    I propose that PP use National park and National reserve CVurieuse to build a botanical gaqrden/insectarium for endemic plants and insects spcies as toursit attract(a second import attraction after Valley de Mai)Dr,proffessor Payet cannot hear that.Ideas are amny,but the handful of dictators refuse ideas from others for it make them feel belittle,lost their divinity etc....
    Morevoer,for any Seychellois whjo remember,for instance,STE Anne fest--was one of Seychelles' most popular festvity,Boats sailing from and to Mahe to carry People to the fest start early in the morning and at ) -10 PM they were still coming.It was very successful-AthestS pp,raped all those importat festivtieis to repalce them by fake ones like CHinese New year or Indain Hinud day---which PP seems wanted to make those foriegn celebration National Clelbration if not National DAY in the detriment of our own cellbration thus culture,tradition.This religious Celebration should be revived on Praslin--i Wasd told by MUM that it was the Chruch and schools who organized this wonderful.vibrant religious celebration before it was literally abolish by atheist PP.

    Jeanne DĂ‚rc